Most Powerful eyeBattery



12 Extra Hours of Battery Life to your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

The Most Powerful eyeBattery can provide up to 12 hours of extra computing time to a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro using the battery-friendly 10.9x operating system. It can provide up to 23 hours of extra battery life to a 13-inch MacBook Air. This huge power reserve is ideal for location photo shoots, as well as extended travel in cars, trains, or airliners. For live-blogging of events, extended outdoor time, or meetings anywhere, the Most Powerful eyeBattery is the most advanced and reliable way to dramatically extend computing time.

QuickerTek’s Most Powerful eyeBattery is for any Mac laptop with a MagSafe port, and every battery is shipped with the correct and properly-modified OEM Apple MagSafe power cable, for immediate plug and play. No drivers, no extra cables, and no adapters are needed. There is no longer a need to carry an Apple recharger either.

Like all QuickerTek mobile power products, the new Most Powerful eyeBattery also charges the internal MacBook battery while it powers the laptop. This advantage of simultaneous use and charging provides even more productive time with the computer. Engineered with advanced high-density Lithium-ion power cells, the Most Powerful eyeBattery provides the highest charge density available, for 2-3 times more power than Nickel Cadmium batteries. Advanced Li-ion power cells pack huge power and are very reliable. The recharge time for the Most Powerful eyeBattery from being totally depleted to fully charged is about four hours. Smart circuitry in the battery prevents overcharging, overheating, and worry. The anodized, machined aluminum case features a 10-LED power gauge to show percentage-available charge levels of the external battery.

How We Test Our Batteries:
  1. We fully charge a computer for 24 hours
  2. We fully charge the external battery for 24 hours
  3. We turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  4. We turn the screen to half brightness


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