Dualy Extreme



Dual 1 Watt Amplifier for Apple Base Stations & Third Party Access Points

Having trouble with the wireless connection in your basement, your business’s multistory building, or the many rooms of your home? The Dualy Extreme is built to remedy this by using two 500 milliWatt twin transceivers and 1 Watt of radio frequency power to lock onto wireless signals received by QuickerTek’s modified AC Base Station or Base Station Express and amplify them before they are passed on to the computer. This strengthens the weak signal resulting in up to 5 times the range even through walls and floors, which may hinder a wireless signal by as much as 25% percent per object.

This product is ideal for any situation in which Wi-Fi strength and speed are hampered by distance and common line-of-sight objects. With the Dualy Extreme, an upgraded Base Station operates at its full 2.4GHz frequency and 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi standards. This system may be upgraded with exchangeable antennas and/or longer adapter cables. In addition, the Dualy mimics the appearance of an Apple Base Station so that it blends nicely with other Apple equipment.

  • One Watt Dualy Extreme Unit containing Two Integrated WiFi Amps
  • 3dBi Antennas (May be substituted for antennas up to 9dBi, omni or directional.)
  • Basic Wall Power Supply for the Dualy Extreme
  • 2 Adapter Coax Cables to connect the Dualy Extreme to an Apple Base Station Extreme or Express
  • Velcro needed to attach the Dualy Extreme to a Base Station
  • Download drivers


QuickerTek designed the Dualy Extreme so that it can connect to our other Apple Base Station upgrades – the acHex and the Antenna Express – to give a boost to their already upgraded wireless ranges.

Additional information

Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in