Solar Juicz
62 Watt Thin Film PV
Foldable Solar Panel
the 62 Watt Solar Panel      
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Solar Power for your Mac

Solar Juice Front
62 Watt Thin Flim PV
$1,199 USD

Solar Power for all Models of the
MacBook Air, MacBook & MacBook Pro

The Solar Juicz 62 Watt solar panel is an environmentally friendly power source for your MacBook. All this PV needs is sunlight energy to generate electricity so that you can enjoy your computer anywhere the sun is shining without running out of power. In addition, it is lightweight and foldable so that it never becomes an inconvenience to bring along.

Since lugging around heavy equipment is bothersome, this product is built much smaller than previous PVs, although just as powerful, and because there is less material being used to create the product, it is also less expensive. The PV also features a female cigarette lighter adaptor allowing for charging of your mobile device. All computers and devices may be used while they are charging on the Solar Juicz panel, and the panel will recharge in less than six hours.

With the Solar Juicz solar panel, the only power source necessary to charge your MacBook or mobile device is sunlight. You can get out of the office and enjoy some fresh air while still getting some work done or take your computer along on a camping trip. With the Solar Juicz PV, you never have to choose between your love of nature and love of Mac.



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