Solar Juicz
62 Watt Thin Film PV Flexible Foldable Solar Panel
the 62 Watt Solar Panel      


You never have to choose between
love of nature and love of laptop

Solar Juice Front
62 Watt Thin Flim PV
$1199.00 USD

SOLAR JUICZ has the Juicz to charge and run your Apple MacBook Air, Pro, and Retina, as well as PC laptops!

The 62 Watt model recharges both the 11 and 13 inch MacBook Air in as little as 6 hours, and weighs 3.15 lbs.

Both solar panels are made with amorohous material and work with all Apple MacBooks, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, including the retina 13" and 15" as well as PC laptops.

Why should I care?
Thin Film Solar Panels are more lightweight, smaller, efficient and inexpensive than the older amorphous silicon PV's. You can get the same or more power from a smaller panel! For example, our old MacBook Pro PV (55 Watts) was 2478 Square inches. The new one (62 Watts) is 1534 Square inches. Less material equals a lower price, as well as being more convenient.

All our Solar Panels come with a female cigarette lighter adaptor. This allows you to plug in a device such as your iPhone or any mobile device that you'd plug into a cigarette lighter. The panel keeps it safe from receiving too much power. These solar cells are both light weight and flexible, making them easy to carry in a day pack or your laptop bag.
No power source is required other than the sun, allowing you to work or play in your favorite park, or even while camping! It's great for anyone who likes the ability to work (or relax) anywhere outdoors. The Solar Ju!cz even extends your Mac or PC's battery life by charging while it's being used.

Both solar panels work for all Apple MacBooks, MacBook Pro and MacBook Airs as well as PC laptops - including the 13.3", 15" and 17". They also work with the unibody models and the white MacBook.

serial # Wattage Recharge Time Weight Dimensions
Dimensions Unfolded
MFC15006 62 Watt 6 Hours 3.15 lbs. 14" x 8.5" x .75" 59" x 43"

  • 12 volt cigarette lighter charger adaptor included
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