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mCard Front

802.11 ac/n/a wireless

On Your Less Than New Mac!

$149.00 USD

Imagine using your iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook Pro with any wireless network and being able to utilize the WiFi far away from the wireless access point. Furthermore, imagine never having to buy a newer Mac to enjoy the many benefits of the newest wireless standards - 802.11 AC, N, and A. With the mCard, your older MacBook Pro or iMac can give you the same great wireless experienced from the latest Mac computers.

Not only can you expect the fastest wireless speeds managed by the network but a significant increase in range as well. For an even greater boost in performance, this card can be upgraded with an internal antenna. That means additional distance from the wireless access point. You gain complete compatibility with all Apple AirPort Base Stations, including our acHex - as well as Linksys, Belkin and virtually all other wireless network hardware.

Works with all the contemporary wireless standards:

Actual wireless speed is dependent on the AirPort Base Station (or access point/router) settings and physical barriers between the computer and the access point (walls, floors, office furniture etc.)

This unit is compatible with: Specifications:
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