Point to Point Systems
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How to get Wi-Fi
to your outbuilding

Extend your WiFi signal to
anywhere you need it to be!

Point to Point

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The Point to Point wireless setup is designed for the user that needs wireless capability from a distance but only to one location.

An example of a Point to Point system could be if you could have a home office in an outbuilding, or maybe a you want to be able to watch streaming video in your guesthouse or pool house. You don't want to rip up the lawn or spend the time putting in posts for laying cable to get interment capability to it.

Install our Point to Point system and you'll have wireless capabilities that are just as good as they are in your house with a much longer range.

In order to create a Point to Point system depending on required range you will need this list of components.

3 Mile Line of Sight (LOS)

What you need:

For Apple Extreme or AC Base Station; 5 Mile Line of Sight (LOS)

What you need:

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