Point to Multi Point Systems
Multi point systems consist of one
WiFi transceiver that is omni-directional and the receiving base stations.
Difficulty: 3  

Perfect for RV Parks, Marinas,
Cabins, Pool Areas, etc.

Point to Point

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What is a Point to Multi-Point System used for?

A Point to Multi-Point System is used to connect wireless capability from one location to multiple locations. Common examples include: Sending Wi-Fi from an RV Park office to all the RV Park stalls; or from a home to a pool and/or club house.

Where is a system mounted and why?

There is usually one outdoor omni-directional antenna mounted on a rooftop, if said rooftop is approximately in the center of the area to be covered.

A repeating or Wi-Fi node may be needed to boost the RF in location because most RV’s have metal siding thus blocking the RF Wi-Fi signal.

What comes with a system?

Usually a Wi-Fi amplifier is included at the ISP or central location to help penetrate RV’s, Buildings, Boat Hulls, or other obstacles that can weaken the Wi-Fi signal.

Along with a Wi-Fi amplifier (Usually), our systems come with:
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