Macbook Pro
External Battery
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MacBook Pro Battery

Puts Standard Batteries to Shame

The Pro External Battery and Charger

$449.95 USD

Battery for the MacBook Pro
The Pro External Battery and Charger for Apple's MacBook Pro, MacBook and MacBook Air Laptops.

You already have the best laptop, now get the external battery that delivers all the power you need. For work AND play. Quickertek's Battery for theMacBook Pro extends your MBP time instantaneously- allowing you to charge the battery and use your macBook Pro simultaneously. Ready to use right out of the box, it contains a powersupply and all cables.
If you *have* to work, why not work outside or at the coffee shop or by the pool. With the right external battery, you have the freedom to decide where and when to work. Do what you want, when you want with the right power solution. You could even take one of the super-long airline flights. Get your work done and still have time for fun - ebay, games and online shopping - whatever you want.
Don't cripple yourself with the distraction of a dying battery. Work until you decide you're done. With up to 12 hours of extra power, it will outlast you. It even recharges faster than you too - only four hours for a full recharge.

    Kit Contains:
  1. MacBook Pro Battery
  2. Apple Magsafe power connector
  3. Powersupply
  4. MagSafe 2 Cable
  1. Apple Magsafe 2 power connector
  2. Five LED power meter
  3. Lithium-ion polymer power cells
  4. Rated at 2,000 full recharge cycles
  5. No battery "memory" limits
  6. No overheating risks
  7. Internal circuitry protects discharge and charging currents
Name/ Serial Rechargeable Cells Weight Dimensions Typical Use Time Increase
MFC12301 Li-ion Polymer 400 Ahr 2.90 lbs 10.5 x 5.25 x 1 10 to 12 hours
Auto turn off at 4.3vdc and 3.0vdc per cell.
Original Apple Manufactured Magsafe 2 Power Connector Included

How can I tell if I have a MagSafe1 or MagSafe 2 connector?
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