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Quicky Junior II
Difficulty: 1  

Never run out of power for your
MacBook air again.

The Little Black Box II
Lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket; yet powerful enough for your MacBook Air.
The Little Black Box+ MBA
$199.95 USD
Little Black Box II + MBA

The Little Black Box+MBA Is powerful enough to run your MacBook Air.

The Little Black Box II is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket and very simple to use. Comes with 4-18650 Lithium-ion Prismatic user replaceable, rechargeable cells 44.8 Watt hours which roughly gives you 10 additional hours on the iPad.

Simply plug in the Little Black Box II using the AC power adapter to finish charging. The LEDs with both light up with the power switch is on. When rechargeable cells are charging the LED to the right will be Orange indicating that the battery is in charging mode.

Now the Little Black Box II can do the same thing for your MacBook Air as it does for your Apple Mobile Devices! The Little Black Box II+ MBA works the same way as the normal unit for USB devices and has some more circuitry magic that allows it to work with the MacBook Air. It also comes with a modified OEM Apple magsafe cable that allows you to plug in your MacBook Air just as you would any other time you wanted to charge it.
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