Dualy Extreme
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Ultimate Wireless Power for Apple Time Capsule

27XVR-n Self-Installation
Kit- 1 Watt
$350.00 USD

TC5001 Installation Service
1 Watt on Time Capsule
$400.00 USD

TC5002 Pre-installed on
1WXCVR-n Self-Installation
Kit- 2 Watts
$495.00 USD

TC5011 Installation Service
2 Watts on Time Capsule
$550.00 USD

Dualy Extreme Available in 1 Watt & 2 Watt power Apple Time Capsule

*Works for all square shaped models

Dualy Extreme with 1 Watt of RF power, pumps up both Apple Time Capsule models with additional speed and up to five times the standard wireless range. The increased power seeks out more distant wireless signals and locks onto them with twin 500 mW Transceivers (or 1 Watt Transceivers) coupled to two antennas that create two combined signals paths for up to five times more wireless range.

Several options are available featuring with 1 Watt of RF power (two 500 mW Transceivers) and another option with 2 Watts of RF power (two 1 Watt Transceivers).

The Dually Extreme not only boosts signal for 802.11n but for b/g as well!

QuickerTek can install the Dualy Extreme on the customer's Apple Time Capsule any model, or an already-upgraded Apple Time Capsule can be purchased from QuickerTek, complete. Dualy Extreme can also be installed on the customer's Time Capsule (500GB or 1TB models).

Dualy Extreme is ideal for wireless networks at work, school, hotels, coffee shops. Everywhere signal strength and speed are hampered by distance and common line-of-site wireless obstacles such as walls and floors. The upgraded AirPort Base Station operates at the full 2.4GHz range using high-speed MIMO technology.

Two 500 mW or 1 Watt Transceivers inside Dualy Extreme reach out to access points and computers capable of 802.11b/g/n wireless networking, manufactured by a wide variety of common hardware vendors.

The dual 3dBi antennas (one for each Transceiver) provide the speed necessary for 802.11n wireless running in the faster 2.4GHz wireless range. Dualy Extreme may be upgraded with even more powerful antennas for even greater distance and wireless speeds. Both Dualy Extreme antennas are attached via 3-foot cables so you can get the antennas up and away from common desktop wireless impediments.

Each wall and/or floor decreases the effectiveness of wireless by 25%, the extra power provided by Dualy Extreme allows you to blast through these obstructions. You get speed and range, even going upstairs or down, and through several walls.

Dualy Extreme mimics the appearance of the Apple Time Capsule, so it blends nicely with other Apple equipment.

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