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Nw-USB: Quicky Junior II
Difficulty: 1  
How to fix the problem with installing USB device drivers
in OS 10.7 - 10.8.x
10.4     10.5
10.6    10.7

Up to 3 times the wireless range for any Apple USB laptop 2.4ghz

The Little Black Box II
802.11n wireless network adapter boosts wireless range for Apple lap tops and desktops
$79.95 USD

Compatible with 10.7 Lion & 10.8 Mountain Lion!

"A simple, elegant, and powerful way to increase the range of your Macintosh wireless connection up to three fold over built in antennas."

Ideal for your MacBook or PowerBook. Simply plug into the USB port of any Macintosh running 10.4.x or above (works with Windows too) to add extended wireless (802.11 b/g/n) connectivity on demand. More than an antenna, a powerful Wi-Fi transceiver is built into a compact USB device the size of a writing pen.

Internal antennas are convenient but suffer from one inescapable flaw--they're trapped in a metal box. If you find you need greater range on your Wi-Fi signal, to access your AirPort or other 802.11 base station or local hot spot, consider a compact and removable external solution. Results will vary depending on line of sight issues and other specifics to your environment and computer, but an external antenna can boost your Wi-Fi range up to three times that of your internal antenna.

Flexible and configurable. The smartly designed MacBook/PowerBook Antenna can be rotated or folded to allow for optimal installation in the horizontal USB slots of a laptop or the vertical USB slots of a MacMini or other desktop. That flexibility also makes it easy to fold the antenna out of the way when you close your laptop. For installation in computers with a recessed USB port a 6 inch bendable USB extension is included. Drivers are provided on the included CD.

Powerful and made for Macintosh this antenna is the perfect companion to your MacBook, PowerBook or iBook--even your MacMini or iMac. Also compatible with Windows this 802.11 transceiver will connect to any 802.11 b/g/n access point--including all Airport base stations.

Amazingly compact, all the circuitry for this powerful 3 dbi 52 mW device is built into an antenna the size of a writing pen. Straighten it out to slip it into your brief case, book bag or travel kit and always have a wireless connectivity solution on hand!
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