Apple Express Base Station Express (upgraded)


Apple Model number A1392
Airport express - upgraded       Airport express - upgraded      

Make the AirPort Express go the DISTANCE!

AirPort Express- upgraded

The Apple AirPort Express makes it easy to set up a network.
We took that ease and added power with two external anntenas.
Antenna Express
$189.95 USD
Apple AirPort Express Base Station (upgraded)a/b/g/n

Upgraded with External Antenna system (2 - 3dBi Antennas)

Wichita, Kansas - QuickerTek is proud to announce the first and only upgraded Apple AirPort Express. While the AirPort Express is a great product, sometimes you just need a little more range than it provides right out of the box. To respond to this, QuickerTek's upgrade puts two powerful antennae on top, giving it a 20% boost in range. It keeps connecting to your network easy though. It works just as easily as before, just stronger.

But while this alone is noteworthy, QuickerTek went the extra mile to make it even better than the antenna upgrade alone could provide. QuickerTek's connectors allow you to use other antennae such as a high gain or direction antenna (also available from QuickerTek) to match the unique situations for different users. If you want to upgrade the antennae it's easy too. The hard work for upgrading them has already been done with the addition of the connectors. Just take the old antenna off, and screw the new antenna or antenna cable on. If you have a long one story building or one that's several stories, QuickerTek's upgrade to the AirPort Express is flexible enough to accommodate almost any situation.

Included: One (1) new from Apple AirPort Express access point that has been modified with two antenna.

Extension cable can be custom ordered at an additional charge.

Apple Model number A1392
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